Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer Fun!

Since it took us so long to set up our blog, and to learn how to use it, we have finally decided to try to give you all updates more frequently...(try being the key word) :) We will start by updating you on a few things we did this summer!

This was our Four Wheeling/ Motorcycle adventure in Levan with the Mortons. If you couldn't tell it was freezing cold, but we had a ton of fun. This was my (Tracy) first time ever shooting a hand gun...go me!

We drove the Alpine loop, and stopped at Tibble Fork Resevoir where we saw a moose. Tim thought it must have just been a baby, because there were plenty of people around, and it didn't seem to mind anyone.

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Jessica said...

Hey, your blog is looking so good! I think you guys have graduated from blog novices to pro bloggers! That pic w/ the moose is crazy--I can't believe it was just cool w/ everyone around it!

And we're so excited for the Office tonight! I'm so glad Brady finally converted you guys!