Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tim's Conversation Corner, Episode 1

Welcome to Tim's Conversation Corner! This is my first attempt at blogging, and if all goes well, the Conversation Corner will be a periodic addition to our blog.

My first topic of conversation, if it could not be deduced by the above image, is the upcoming presidential election. Now, I realize that this is a heated topic, so any and all who wish to converse must be respectful at all times. Having said that, I would like to discuss my choice for president: John McCain.

Now, Sen. McCain was not my first choice, but since the primaries didn't go my way, I have chosen to fall in with those choosing the McCain/Palin ticket. I know that some will disagree with my choice; that is fine and is your right as an American citizen, so here is are my reasons:

The way I see it, though there are many variables, the choosing of a presidential canidate boils down to three main points. My first point is that the President of the United States is the face of the country and directly influences foreign policy, unlike what the canidates camps want us to believe, foreign policy is really the only place where the President "legislates". I have chosen to vote for John McCain because he has had many years of experience in this arena, and I feel that his more moderate views, albeit conservative views, are better suited for these responsibilities.

My second point is the appointing of Supreme Court Justices. Though the Senate must approve nominees, it resides within the Executive to nominate. I feel that the person selecting those who preside over the highest court of the land must be one of character, as they will determine the constitutionality of our nations laws. We are constantly encouraged by the Brethren to elect those of the highest moral quality when we can. I feel that in this instance, John McCain holds the high ground. He has shown over many years of service that he strives to do what is best for his country, not always for himself or his party. It can be argued that Sen. Barak Obama, with his assosiations with the Ayers family, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and others, along with his questionable races for state congressional offices, and his less-than-stellar US Senate record, would, in my opinion disqualify him for this responsibility.

And finally, my third point: the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces. John McCain is a veteran, and comes from a long line of US Navy Admirals and servicemen. Though this alone does not grant him the position, I feel that it gives Sen. McCain the advantage over Sen. Obama. In addition, Sen. McCain has had the experience of serving on various congressional committees that have put him on the "front lines" when it comes to working with the Armed Forces and their respective commanders.

So, lengthy though it may be, I hope that this spurs some constructive dialogue, and help any of you undecided voters come to a decision.


Scott said...

Well it’s good to see that you know about your choice for President. Most Utahans’ vote Republican because they took a vow at baptism….. Or at least I think that’s how it goes. I on the other hand will not be voting for McCain, if Ralph Nader was a viable pick I would vote for him…..but since we only have 2 choices in a country of 300 million I will most likely vote for Obama. In regards to the foreign policy I bet we could all agree that Senior Bush was not very good at it……. In fact if you’re not producing oil or in Israel you’re not on President Bush’s short list of important people. I really believe that if McCain had been President for the past 8 years he would have done almost exactly what Pres. Bush has done. The record shows that McCain supported Bush in almost all of his foreign policy endeavors and that pretty much made the rest of the world hate us. The next point about the Supreme Court Justices is true, in the next four years there could be 3 new appointees to the Supreme Court. My problem with this is can they really change what you most likely want them to change? I of course am assuming that you are referring to Roe v Wade and Gay Marriage. Again we have had a Conservative President for 8 years and it hasn’t changed, also these issues seem to be currently decided on a state level i.e. California. Then there is Obama’s questionable associates….heck I can’t think of anyone in politics that doesn’t have that crazy uncle or extreme friend, even George Washington was associated with Aaron Burr the dude who shot Alexander Hamilton and was charged for treason. Your final point about being Commander and Chief….well your right McCain does have the most experience…. actually the only experience. But during WWII our president had no military experience and that turned out alright. I think it’s mostly who you surround yourself with that’s more important. Maybe a couple of issues people should think about is health care and taxes. McCain is against any and all government health care programs (although the government did pay for his skin cancer operation) and he wants to give big businesses tax breaks again……wait aren’t we giving them 700 freaking billion dollars now? Guess they didn’t use those tax breaks very good. Obama taxes those with high incomes more and those with lower incomes less. Now I know that everyone is going to go all Macro-economic on me and say that those guys need the breaks to create jobs, well there won’t be any jobs if regular Joe can’t pay for those goods and services. Anyway here you go, it’s not all my thoughts on the matter but I think it is good enough.

Jessica said...

Wow Scott, I don't think I've ever seen a comment longer than a post before.

Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

Scott, you make valid points, and I too am glad to see that you've done your homework. I think that a lot of people get caught up in the charisma and excitement that surrounds Sen. Obama.

Concerning foreign policy, I don't know what John McCain would've done, but I think that in a lot of cases George Bush was put in a difficult place, off course its hard to bite the hand that feeds you, especially if its covered in black gold. I think though, that Sen. McCain has a much more level head, and he doesn't have Dick Cheney as his VP.

In reference to the supreme court, I don't expect any changes when it comes to abortion or same-sex marriage, but we need to anticipate future legislation. I, as a gun owner, am concerned about gun control, for example. I just feel that someone with a more moderate record would be better suited for nominating potential justices.

And for your point on having a good cabinet, I totally agree with you. I think that if our current president had done a better job picking his advisors in his first term some things would've turned out differently. I think Condoleeza Rice has been great, and may yet be able to serve the country. But looking at who Sen. Obama has surrounded himself with thus far, can we trust him to do better as president? His financial advisors are the men who had a direct influence in the poor decisions that have led to the demise of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. And concerning military advisors, I don't see any Dwight Eisenhowers around.

Now moving to taxes and such, the power to sign and veto lies with the Executive, but if Congress is really determined, that can be bypassed. But I think the acts of Congress will have to wait for future discussion.

And as business owner, I am in a tough spot when it comes to taxes, because I will be taxed twice. Who knows, maybe it will just balance out.

I appreciate your comments. Its good to have some intellectual exercise. I know that John McCain is not the best possible canidate, but I think that he may be the better. We just need some kind of reincarnated Teddy Roosevelt. He was perhaps the greatest president of the modern era.

Omer Family said...

I am thrilled there are educated young folks...there is indeed hope for the future. I respect all of our rights to disagree, so I will put in my two cents worth. As the mother of a United States Marine that has seen active combat many times since 2002, this is where I stand: I will be voting for McCain. I truly don't think he can win at this point, but that is where my confidence in world politics sits. The world will surely test Obama and I think he will not measure up. You see I was alive during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and this very well may end up the same. Let's hope Joe Biden can offer some experience when it is needed. The Commander-in-Chief needs to have some background where it counts and this military mom, knowing my son is going over to the sandbox praying a veteran with the backbone makes it!