Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silly Daniel

Daniel is kind of a particular child, and usually wants things done a certain way. This morning was one of those times and a was just a good Daniel moment I wanted to remember.

For breakfast Tim asked him Daniel if he wanted yogurt with granola in it and he said yes. When Tim tried to put the granola in it, Daniel would just yell "No dad, no dad!" Tim then just said to him, "well don't you want granola in it?" And Daniel said yes again but the same thing happened. Only this time he yelled even louder, "No dad, mama." Which when Tim talked to Daniel he was able to translate it as, Daniel didn't want to him to put the granola in his cereal but he wanted grandma to do it. Tim told him that he could do it too, but Daniel just screamed at him. Tim didn't want to make it a big deal, so he said he could see if grandma would do it. But since Tim didn't want to bug grandma with such a little thing, Tim just pretended to go upstairs and he just put the granola in, and then came back to the kitchen and gave it to Daniel. And then all Daniel did was say, "thank you mama." And then ate it just fine.

It was my mom who introduced Daniel to yogurt with granola, so he thought only she could do it. Silly boy, it's the same no matter who does it, but I guess he doesn't understand that.

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