Tuesday, March 1, 2011


You may all wonder why this post is titled "Daddy" and the answer is because I let Daniel decide what to name the post. I told Daniel I was going to update the blog and asked him what I should call this post and his reply was Daddy. So that is the title, because Daniel loves his daddy so much!

Since it's been a month since I last blogged, I'm just going to do a picture recap of things happening around our neck of the woods. Enjoy!

Daniel - 3 years old (sorry this picture is small, I had to get it off the internet)

Chloe - 5 months old

Daniel's football cake, which he was SO excited about.

Licking the frosting off of the candle.

Daniel was sick for over a month, after Christmas through January. This rash was just part of it, and wasn't even the worst. He had a high fever for a week and a half, and a horrible earache.

Chloe's first time swimming, 1/10/11

Daniel loved swimming with his dad!

Since the beginning of the new year, one of Daniel's favorite activities is to go to Cabelas. He loves it so much and gets so excited that he can't even hold still long enough for a picture.

For the first couple of months of Chloe's life she wasn't to sure of her brother (probably because he was always waking her up). Up over the last two months they have become such great friends. They play together, laugh together, copy each other, and it is so fun to watch.

Tim got some new guns for his birthday, so at the end of January we went out on the west side of the lake with his dad and brothers and went shooting.

All the girls in my family had a girls night, and made these wooden blocks, which turned out so cute. And we had such a good time bonding as girls!

Superbowl party. We had AMAZING FOOD!

Delicious bacon wrapped smokies!

For weeks after Daniel's birthday all he wanted was more football cake, so the superbowl was just a great occasion to make one again.

Daniel LOVES to cook. This has become one of his favorite things lately.

Helping dad make "breakfast" for dinner.

I love watching Daniel sleep. This is just once when he fell asleep in the car.

I did a little photoshoot like this of Daniel when he was about 4 months old (adjusted age), so I had to do one of Chloe as well. She's so much chunkier than he ever was.

We took Hailee (Daniel's cousin) with us to the zoo and this is how she fell asleep on the way there. All three kids were asleep on the way there which was so nice for Tim and I to be able to have a peaceful ride, with adult conversations.

The had so much fun looking at the animals and eating snacks.

The tigers were probably the coolest animals there this time, because they were so active.


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, Chloe's so darn cute I just want to eat her up! And I really need to get that the recipe for the pork burritos and stuff you made for the superbowl party. I've been craving it! I've had a lot of homemade versions of the Cafe Rio/Costa Vida pork before, but that one was definitely my fav!

Hilary said...

Your kids are SO dang cute! I can't believe how much Chloe has grown. So wonderful, such a beautiful family!