Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Update!

Just a quick update on us, and then lots of pictures of things we've been up to this summer.

Tim: Tim has been busy going to school full time, and mowing lawns. Since he was let go at Flex Tech he has had extra time to spend with the family, and has really enjoyed it. And Daniel and I have been spoiled being able to do extra things with him this summer!

Tracy: I'm still pregnant and doing great. I'm now 33 weeks along, and experiencing all the joys of pregnancy for the first time. I'm just trying to keep up with an active 2 year old without overheating to much.

Daniel: Daniel is a typical 2 year old boy that loves to explore and make mischief. He is starting to put together simple phrases and sentences. He loves to sing, help with anything (mowing the lawn, gardening, cleaning, etc.), riding his bike, and has recently discovered a few movies...His favorites are Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh, the classic Mickey Mouse. He also loves animals, and water. If he sees water he thinks he either has to throw rocks in it or jump/ splash in it. He loves to play with his cousins and aunts & uncles, and he loves his grandparents. He can brighten up any room with his smile and dimples, and we can't get enough of his cuteness! He is constantly making us smile and laugh and he is such a joy in our family! He will be a great big brother and we are so proud of him and love him so much!

Here are a lot of pictures of some of our summer adventures...Enjoy!

Daniel helping dad in the yard

Playing outside and at the park

Sandy Aquarium

KC (Tim's brother) & Erica's Wedding

Sunday drive to Upper Provo Falls

Helping grandma in the yard, but mostly playing

Family camping trip to Lost Creek Campground in the High Uintahs

George Eccles Dinosaur Museum in Ogden

We've also been busy with family reunions, doctors appointments, going to 7 peaks as often as possible, Payson Scottish Festival, birthdays and holidays, and we love every minute we get to spend as a family!


Karalee said...

So glad you are still pregnant. Its kind of weird to be first time pregnant with your second child. I noticed I went from looking like a second time pregnant lady to a first time pregnant lady once I got farther along than I did with Joshua.

Hang in there, pregnancy isn't fun, but its so worth it when your baby isn't wisked away immediately. Hope all continues to go well.

Spec said...

You guys are doing awesome! I admire your faith. Thanks for your great example. I really wish we could do playdates.

Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

Dear Spec,
Thank you for commenting on our blog, but based on your user name we don't know who you are. The link doesn't give us any name or profile, so if you'd give us your name then that'd be wonderful. We love playdates, but it's hard to do playdates if we don't know who you are. Thanks!

Jessica said...

Check out that belly! Go mama, go! Or should I say grow mama, grow? He he. okay, not that funny. So Scott really wants to go camping with you guys still this summer, but I'm just realizing how not fun that could be for you that pregnant and with a two year old!

Natasha said...

I'm sure behind on checking blogs...pregnant, huh?! Congratulations on the baby girl on the way!! We're so excited for you! I'm glad you're feeling better Tracy.