Sunday, November 14, 2010

Doctors appointment

Chloe had her two month doctors appointment on the 8th, and she is growing great! Weight 10 lbs. 5 oz. (25%), length: 22 1/4" (50%), head circ: 38 1/2 cm (50%). She is holding her head up, smiling, cooing, and staying awake more throughout the day. She is starting to sleep a little longer at night, but still doesn't like to sleep for very long unless she is being held (we think this is because it's so cold in our room, so she likes to be snuggled up against us). Chloe's baby blessing was last week (exactly 2 months old), and she looked like a princess! Tim did a great job on the blessing, and we are so grateful that Chloe is part of our family.

Daniel had his yearly neonatal follow-up appointment on 11/5/10, and he was such a trooper. It was a 5 hour appointment and he had to see the nurse, the neonatologist, speech therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and the eye doctor. Weight: 25 lbs, height: 35" and that finally puts him on the chart, but I don't remember what percentile. He is still our little miracle. Our biggest concern has been his speech, particularly his articulation, so that has been and still is our main focus. The physical therapist also said that he's a little behind on his fine motor skills, so we're going to be working on that a little more. He should be able to do things like...stack 10 block (he could only do 7), cut with scissors (I've never let him use scissors before so he couldn't do that), hold a pencil with his thumb and fingers (he still grabs it with his whole hand), and other little things like that. I don't think it'll take him long to learn some of these things, but they are things we need to work on with him. Everything looked great with his eyes, so we no longer need to see the eye doctor which is amazing for a preemie as early as he was. Overall he is still doing well, with only a few minor delays, but we are still amazed at how well he has done over his short few years.

Other news: Daniel loves his sister, sometimes to much. We are still teaching and reminding him to be soft with her. We constantly have to remind him not to lay on her but just by her. He has mostly adjusted to her just fine and hasn't been to jealous. He does have his jealous moments, and he's had a few time outs because he's hit her, but I think he is learning, and they are really becoming friends. She coo and make noises at him, and he loves it, and will imitate her talking which makes her smile and coo is so cute!

Tim is finishing up the mowing season this month, and then will focus on finishing up this semester of school. I still get to be home with the kids, and I am just so blessed to have that opportunity. I love my family so much, and that always helps me get through the stressful times. I love thanksgiving time, and the reminder is it of how blessed I am!


Jessie Munro said...

Yah my 5 yr old couldn't cut with scissor's until she was in preschool and her teacher had to force me to let her use them!!! I don't think that should be a motor skill! :)

Krista Hansen said...

Chloe is so adorable!! Sam's preschool teacher was surprised that he couldn't use scissors. Why would I give scissors to a 4 year old? Oh well. I'm so glad his eyes are good! Great news. Your little family is beautiful and growing up so quickly. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Hilary said...

You are such an awesome Mom Tracy! Your kids are adorable!

Karen said...

My 5 year old still struggles with holding his pencil with his thumb and finger!

I love the love that a big brother has for his baby sister. We have it in our house and it is so awesome! Make sure to keep those pictures of him loving her to show him when he thinks he doesn't love her when he's 12!!:)