Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! I think for most of us the new year is a great time to think bout how we can improve our lives, and make goals for ourselves. Honestly, I've never really been one to write down goals at the new year because for me I do better at picking one goal to focus on at a time and then moving on to the next, rather than writing a bunch down, so i've never really made new year resolutions. But I do have one goal I want to start anew for 2011. And that is keeping a journal. I have never been good at writing in a journal. It's something that growing up i'd try over and over to do everyday, but it's just something that's hard for me to do. Then I started this blog and thought that this would just serve as my journal. But then I realized that I'm lucky if I update it everyother month. So now with 2011 here, I want to be better at updated my blog. For my blog, I always thought that I have to put pictures with every post, or have something big to update people on...but now even if it is just a few sentences long, I want to update my blog more regularly with stories, things the kids say and do, pictures, updates, etc. I have many other goals in my mind for the year, but I thought if I started with this one, then maybe it will help me sort out some thoughts and feelings, and help me with other goals along the way. Good luck to everyone with their new years resolutions!

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