Friday, June 7, 2013

Overview of the past 6 months

- We found out we are expecting baby #3 on December 21st.  We're adding another boy to our family and his EDD is Aug. 18th.
- We LOVED spending Christmas in Utah, and it just confirmed that we wanted to try to get Tim's externship back in Utah.
- Tim finished working for Rojo Hospitality and then spent a few weeks working for a new high end restaurant in Phoenix called Gertrude's.
- Daniel had surgery to remove a kidney stone that was to large to pass on his own.  He had to have it removed on his 5th birthday, which they treated him extra special for having to have surgery on his birthday.  He did amazing and recovered quickly.  Now we just have to have him drink lots more water so that he doesn't get any more
- Tim got accepted to do his externship with BYU dining services at the beginning of March, which meant we had one month to pack up and move before his externship started on April 8th.
-  Tim's grandma passed away the day we were moving back to Utah.  We are grateful for the chance Tim had to see her in March when we came for his interview with BYU, and we are grateful that we were able to make it back for the funeral.  We love and miss her, but are extremely grateful for all she taught us and for the good example she was to us.
-  Tim completed his first block of externship...only about 4 more weeks left of block 2, and he will be done with school!
- We've had many fun and exciting family events during the month of May including: William's (Tim's youngest brother) seminary and high school graduation, Patrick (Tim's brother) returned from his mission, William went through the Temple for the first time, family pictures, many family get togethers and several drives up the canyon! (we sure missed mountains while in Phoenix)
- Tim has applied for a full time position with BYU and we hope to hear about it soon.  If that doesn't work out, there are several other places that we are looking at applying at.
- Daniel loves being back in Utah where we are closer to family and friends.  He loves being able to go to friends houses to play and it's hard for me because sometimes I'm not ready for him to be "grown up" and go to friends on his own.  Why at just 5 years old do kids want to be so independent?  It's hard on the parents!  Daniel loves being around people and is very friendly and social.  He still loves star wars, playing the xbox, playing outside, running around, jumping on the trampoline, and pretty much anything active.  He is looking forward to going to school and spending more time with other kids.  He is finally starting to enjoy primary more, and loves learning primary songs.  His favorite primary song is Book of Mormon stories.
- Chloe is also growing up so fast and tries her best to keep up with her older brother...and she does a pretty good job at it.  She is our child that we can't let out of our site, because she either gets into things she shouldn't or disappears.  Last week we had one of the scariest days of our lives when she disappeared and we couldn't find her (another post on that to come).  She likes to tease her brother, loves to paint her nails, have her hair done in ponytails, play outside, wear her leotard and dance or do tricks, and she loves to sing.  She knows her alphabet, colors, shapes, can nearly count to 20.  She is so smart for a 2 1/2 year old, and acts a lot older than she is.

We are excited about summer, new job, looking for a place of our own, the arrival of our baby boy, school starting, and all the other exciting things that will happen this year.  It will be busy, but we love the time we get to spend together!

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Holy Moly so much exciting stuff happening! Congrats!